“Slob” that “Koch”

I have to apologize in advance for my ill condition which has all kinds of foul liquids spewing out of nearly all of my orifices simultaneously. It may have something to do with some slightly undercooked turkey, being on conservative websites all day, or being infected by one of the “slobs” from Wisconsin. The “slobs” that I am referring to are the protestors. You see, in an interview with Laurence O’Donnell (the Irish answer to O’reilly who is the Irish answer to questions that were never asked) Wisconsin State-Senator (We’ll call his title SS for short) Glenn Grothman noted that the protestors were a bunch of fat cow-fucking “slobs.”

And he knows something about cow fucking...

When Laurie O’Donny asked if SS Grothman would like to retract his statement, Grothman sturdily replied, No, Fuck them fat cow-fucking incestuous “slobs” I mean, “they seem like nice people,” but they’re still the fucking scum of the earth. Clarifying that they’re nothing but a bunch of hippies or “College Students just looking for a place to hang out.” And, he’s right. I mean, who the fuck cares what College students have to say about the state of education in Wisconsin. What the fuck do they know about….Bleeaaahhhhahhahahahahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Yes! I can add pics while puking up my intestines

Oh Christ! Give me a minute to wipe off the computer keys. ;dhskjshdkajrtha;ert0]auiojvkblnd,fghertwoi-er9-307qy51 4]lqk;edsgsjknfgjhlkfjankfhiodfj

OK, that’s better. Sorry ’bout that!

O’Doul’s frothingly brought out a group of the protestors to offer a counter argument to SS  Grothman’s claims of slobishness and cow-fellatio. Dressed to the 9s in piss-stained overcoats  (helping the wife bring it back), the protesters stood pants-less with fresh milk dribbling off of their privates and said something about how the SS Grossman should be more respectful to a group of American citizens that are just exercising their ability to speak out against an oppressive regime while that ability is still available to them…or some bullshit like that. It was hard to listen to what they were saying while staring at the green/moldy funk that had started to grow around their mouth-holes.



At least this time, I puked on my dog. He’s licking it up as I type.    :-)~

Well, I’ll tell you. SS Officer Grothman is a pretty cool guy and doesn’t afraid of anything. Because when the protesters started with their hippy cow-fucking bullshit, he lashed out with a giant Fuck You! and “you guys don’t understand what’s going on here.” I think he gave them the finger too, but I was already so excited that I spilled my Bloody Mary all over my crotch. Do you believe the elephant-sized ballz on this guy? The size of his balls are only outmatched by how big of a prick he can be. But he’s got a point. The only people who know what’s going on is the Republicans and the Koch brothers. It’s obvious by the recent recorded conversation between Gov. Walker and who he thought was David Koch. I gotta run to the bathroom cause I’m bleeding out my ass so check it while you’re waiting….

You can tell by the conversation that Walker loooovvvvveesss Koch. He’s practically slobbering all over the phone as he talks to him. Now, if I were less civil, I might make a joke that Walker’s “whorishness” when it comes to working with Mr. Koch (pronounced like coke) that would make him a “Koch whore” which is the current meme that is circling the interwebs. But no, I will not bring myself down to that level. Besides, when the impostor Mr. Koch told Walker that he would fly him down to Florida to celebrate when everything was over, Walker seemed totally up for it. It seems that he is looking for some satisfaction from Mr. Koch. It reminds me of when I first read the name “Koch” I thought that it was pronounced “Cock.” I wonder if the Koch brothers were called little “cocks” in grade school. Of course, their mommy and daddy probably owned the schools, so they would’ve made those little bastards pay.

But still, I’ve heard others make the same mistake. And if were not careful, Gov. Walker may be soon known as a “Koch (pronounced Cock) Lover” and that would be unfair. Some might say that Walker would do anything for “Koch (Cock)” And SS Officer Grothman stands up for Walker saying “he’s a good man” and a “decent” man. So, there’s no way that Walker loves Cock even though he loves Koch.

This guy loooovvvveees the Koch

So in summation, watch out for those “slobs” in Wisconsin, says SS Officer Grothman with the huge ballz, but don’t worry if you see Gov. Walker slobbering all over some “Koch” because he’s not a “Koch whore”.


2 responses to ““Slob” that “Koch”

  1. Fat cow-fucking slobs? Wow, and I thought we had stupid people here in Vegas! How…nice to be able to say things like this as a Senator! I’m sure this was why I spent 4 years in the military, and two of those years overseas: So that someone like this can badmouth the people who pay his salary. Lovely. Keep up the good writing Marc, I’m loving it!

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