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Republicocksuckers, Rejoice! (The Most Xrated Yet!)

Oh Yeah! She's gonna take the whole thing!

Even though Shelly Bacharachman doesn’t have a cock, she’s got a mighty strap-on that she’s got all oiled up and prepped for penetration. Although it might not be her 9″ veiny dong that will be the penetrating, all of the Republicocksuckers are lowered down on their haunches waiting for the USA to look its way so that they can bury their Johnson’s deep into some throats.

The way it looks now, the one to do the actually penetrating is gonna be Merry Dick Perry. To explain the metaphor, we call the corporations “Perry’s dirty cock” while we call cutting the size of government “lubing it up.” So, when you hear, “I want to give power to the corporations” You should be understanding it as, “Rick’s been slammin’ ExTenze for a month straight and Perry’s Dirty Cock is going to stretch that mouth-hole tonight!”

Rick's not gonna let Bachmann beat him in anything!

But Fairy Ricky Paris would argue, “you should be glad that I’m just going to pry this greasy thing in-between your teeth and gums. I could put it somewhere else.” The ‘somewhere else’ argument is really the ‘I can completely take away your medicare and social security argument.’ Instead of fucking everyone up the ass, metaphorically of course, by taking away medicare and social security, instead they’re turning it into a hearty mouthful of a voucher system, guaranteed to gag.

Oh, yeah. Don't be afraid! Get that thing nice and wet!

Since we will be too busy trying to swallow the corporate semen, we wont be able to voice our protests in anything other than monosyllabic grunts and vowels. Which is fine for them. Because while we are too busy gulping that down, they’re prepping their shafts for one last slamba jamba. And I think we all know where that one’s gonna go!

Don't forget to cup the ballz!

Some may ask, “why would the Republicocksuckers want to shove corporate cocks down our throats?” Well, the answers are obvious. First, as I pointed out in a previous article, they get paid a fuckload of money to do it from guys with the last name Cock! Second, they would love to throat that cock themselves. All Republicocksuckers want, more than anything,  is to get their throats pounded by that corporate cock so hard that they get phone calls from the producers of Gag Factor.

It's family fun!

But, alas, their conservative views don’t allow for homosexuality or even heterosexual promiscuity, leaving them with their withered flaccid genitalia lying in their hands like an old sock. So, they have to turn to other methods of getting themselves off, and that includes living vicariously through the Middle Class. By continuing to force the Middle Class swallow the ejaculate of the engorged member that is the corporations, they are in turn living out their own cock sucking fantasies. Some may think that calling them Republicocksuckers is an insult, indeed, it is a call for their freedom. A freedom to be who they really are. So, join me, and show respect for all of your conservative friends and call them what they wish to be;  “Republicocksuckers.” And Republicocksuckers, rejoice and be proud of who you really are.  As Marie Antoinette would say, “Let them suck cock!”

"Am I doin' it right?"

Oh, Georgy. Don’t worry. One day you’ll learn how to be a real Republicocksucker.


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