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Morocons, Imbeciliberals, and Stupdependents

Imbecile Liberal: I voted for Obama, but I don’t think he’s done enough.

Moron Conservative: What! You’re out of your mind! He’s destroying our country! He’s turning us into Socialists!

Imeciliberal: What’s Socialism?


Morocon: It’s the same thing as Communism!

Imbeciliberal: The same thing the Russians used to have?

Morocon: Is there any other kind?

Imbeciliberal: But he didn’t give us single-payer healthcare.

Morocon: (Chewing on his flag for nourishment): You’re not paying attention to nuthin! He’s taxing¬† the shit out of us and he’s gonna give it to those do nuthins who pay no taxes.

Imbeciliberal: Really? He’s stopped poor people from paying sales taxes, social security taxes, property taxes, and FICA? Well, I’m a tax and spend liberal. And I can’t be a tax and spend liberal if there aren’t any taxes!

Morocon: Not only that, but more. He’s changed more shit in our government in one year than any other president has in four.

Imbeciliberal: Shit, you’re right! He’s changed everything!¬† We have to stop him before he destroys this country.

Stupid shit Independent: Hey guys what’s going on?

Imbeciliberal: C’mon, we gotta stop Obama!

Stupashitindependants: Great! Can we stop for ice cream?